Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Many of us have heard of skype. My husband works at home. We never invested in a house phone, since we wanted to save money. The problem was since he worked at home, our cell phone bill was always high. We have an awesome cell phone plan which although was high, was never high enough to invest in a land line. We did however want a way to cut costs on our cell phone plan. Skype offers a phone plan like no other. Through your computer you can make and receive calls. It has caller i.d. to show you who is calling. It even shows you missed calls and gives you to set up voicemail. You have your own personal phone number that comes up when you make a call. When you don't want any phone calls you just log out of skype or turn off your computer. When you are out of the house but still want to receive calls, you forward all your calls to your cell phone. Sounds great thus far, right? Well guess what? There is more!

So if you have Internet on your phone, you now have a way to make free phone calls. Whenever we are low on minutes, my husband logs on the Internet and makes phone calls through skype. Even receiving calls through skype when logged on, on his phone is free.

Also, if I am logged on to one computer and my husband is logged on to another computer, even if we are on the same account, both of us can be on the phone at the same time for no additional cost! How sweet is that? Now I am sure you are thinking this is going to cost so much money to have all these feature. Well, guess what? It costs $36.00 a year. That is $3.00 a month. This includes unlimited talking plus all the above mentioned.

You pay upfront of the year or for 6 months. If you don't like it you can cancel it and they will refund you whatever extra you paid for but didn't use.

One more thing. We live in an apartment and in order for guests to get into the building you need to call us via the outdoor keypad to let you in. Well the problem is you need a land line in order to connect to the keypad. Skype is just like a land line, we had no problems connecting skype to it. My husband doesn't even have to be home to let someone in. We tried to see how it works. I called my husband skype phone which automatically when to his cell phone. He was 30 miles away and yet he managed to let me in. How great is that?

I bet you are thinking it sounds like a lot of work. Well it isn't. It is simple to install, there is no catch, and it is extremely convenient.

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