Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I don't know about you, but I love shopping at JCPenney. For all those who like shopping at JCP they offer a rewards program that is absolutley free.


The registration is free. Once you have spent $250.00 that month at JCP you recieve a reward of $10.00 off your next purchase with no minimium required purchase. Which means you can get stuff for free if you want. Also during the holidays you get rewards as well. There are also ways to earn double points. Also, if you have a JCP card you earn alot more points for alot less money. You don't have to register your credit card, but if you do they can track all your purchases for you. It is a safe site. Happy Shopping!!


Ok, so I am addicted to slickdeals.net. I mean ADDICTED!!! I spend every second that I am online check out freebies, sweepstakes, hot deals, coupons, etc. Part of cutting down expenses is find good deals. I have received many coupons that cover the whole cost of my purchase because of this site. An example, the other day I got free shampoo because I the manufactor had sent me a coupon for my choice of their product absolutely free. Also, yesterday I got a free mega roll of paper towel from a manufactor coupon. Last week I went to JcPenney and got a bunch of decorative items for $1.12 total. The total savings waas $167.48. Slickdeals has help me figure out how to be more frugal. It is where all the deals are and now I would like pass such a treasure on to my readers.


So there are many sites you can use to find coupons and good deals. A person I met recently told me to check out her advice on saving money and I figured I would pass it along.


Of course there will be many more sites posted at a later date for you to utilize. Enjoy!

Monday, February 23, 2009


One website I like alot is http://www.myfriendsfinds.com/. This is an auction site where you can sell and purchase stuff. The catch is there is no real money exchanged. The way you earn money is buy selling and referring people. As a starting bonus, you get $25.00 to puchase with as you please. There is alot of items for sale at all times. This is a private site and to enter you must be referred. If you would like to join, email valerie@myfriendsfinds.com and tell her that Amoora04 referred you.


One place to get free samples is Walmart. There are many free samples on the site and they are always post new samples. http://instoresnow.walmart.com/In-Stores-Now-Free-Samples-And-Trials.aspx Once at this site you will see all the samples they have to offer. The samples range from mouth care, hair products, food items, etc. There is no limit on how many offers you sign up for.

Friday, February 20, 2009


So, one way to save money is to cut down spending on entertainment. Everybody likes to watch a good movie, but wouldn't it be awesome if you could do so for free? Better yet, wouldn't it be awesome if you watch a movie for free before it comes out in the theaters? Movies have free screenings all over the U.S. before they come out in theaters. You can get your hands on those tickets at


It is free to register. Once you have found a movie you want to watch, reserve it and print out the tickets. Every reservation is good for 2 tickets. There is no catch! It is fun and free. Just to let you know, I have gone to 2 movies using this site, and it does work. Enjoy!


With the economy getting worse and worse, I felt the best time to share my experiences on how to stretch a dollar is now. The suggestions in this blog are things I practice at home and are ways that have worked for me. These suggestions and tips are ways that I hope will help get through these tough times. If at any point you ever have any comments and/or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me.