Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Ok, so I am addicted to slickdeals.net. I mean ADDICTED!!! I spend every second that I am online check out freebies, sweepstakes, hot deals, coupons, etc. Part of cutting down expenses is find good deals. I have received many coupons that cover the whole cost of my purchase because of this site. An example, the other day I got free shampoo because I the manufactor had sent me a coupon for my choice of their product absolutely free. Also, yesterday I got a free mega roll of paper towel from a manufactor coupon. Last week I went to JcPenney and got a bunch of decorative items for $1.12 total. The total savings waas $167.48. Slickdeals has help me figure out how to be more frugal. It is where all the deals are and now I would like pass such a treasure on to my readers.

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aconite said...

i didn't understand the site at the beginning but your right it its great site .. i like it and like the picture on the side of the deal soooooo nice i booked marked the site thank you

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