Thursday, April 30, 2009

Marley & Me Audio Book

Free Marley & Me Audio Book Download
Check it out!


Want to learn how to use photoshop? You don't have to pay to take a class. Here you can learn all about photoshop and how to use it for free. Check it out!

Here is the direct link to the free video (i think you need flash to view it)


free workout music download. This was advertised in Fitness magazine:

I have downloaded 2 episodes with no problem. Great for working out. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

10 Ways to Save some Money

I found this on
and I figured I would share it with you.

Frugality is a way of thinking that can change our way of living.

When times are hard it can be depressing for some;
but I believe that the way we think can determine our attitude
and eventually our lifestyles.

That living a frugal and pure life requires us to be
poor in spirit and in possessions is so far from the truth.

We CAN live a fabulous frugal life if we begin with our thoughts.

Here are some ways I'm thinking outside the box to save money for our family!

  1. Instead of buying a new book, see if your local library has it!

  2. If you still have a land line, call your server provider and ask them to go over your plan with you, chances are you are paying for things you don't use or need. You'd be surprised at the savings!

  3. Shop at the 99 Cent store! It can be a gold mine if you have the time to search it out!

  4. Organize. Organize. Organize. When there's a place for everything, you're less likely to run out and buy "X" because you know you have extra. Example: Wrapping paper, Birthday Bags and Tissue.

  5. Create a spending plan that allows for occasional eating out, pedicure, new shoes, etc. This is a must even if you're on a tight budget, it will help you feel normal and your urges to splurge will be less since you reward yourself on a regular (or semi regular) basis.

  6. Drink more tea. Not only do you get more anti-oxidants, but it's cheaper at Starbucks!

  7. Learn how to cook! Sounds cliche?! It isn't, check out the cookbooks at your local library and have at it! You're saving money, being healthier and gaining a new skill - it's a win-win!

  8. Plan ahead. This goes for everything: vacations, grocery shopping, play dates!

  9. Leave non-perishable food in the car for snacks. When you and the kids are running around doing errands, you're less likely to stop in at the gas station and buy food. We rotate between goldfish, teddy grams, even cereal, pour in a gallon size zip lock bag!

  10. When doing your grocery shopping look high and low (literally), the most expensive items are right at eye level, in fact they pay to be there. So the cheaper food is either on the top or bottom shelf!


Native American-themed note cards
Convenient writing pad
Native American-inspired address labels
They will verify email address.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

FREE Appetizer from Macaroni Grill

FREE Appetizer from Macaroni Grill Join the "Mac Pack" by signing up with your email address and get a free appetizer.

To sign up, visit the Macaroni Grill website at

and locate the "Join the Mac Pack" section to enter the email address.


9 Free Audiobook downloads from Barnes & Noble! It's easy to get your Free Audiobook MP3s:
1. Add any or all Free Audiobook MP3s on this page to your Cart.
2. Complete checkout.
3. Open your email from and follow download instructions.

Titles Available:
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
Great Day by Kurt Vonnegut
Truth or Dare by Elizabeth Berg
Fathers by Alice Munro
Ysrael by Junot Diaz
Merrano of the Dry Country by Louis L'Amour
Best New Horror by Joe Hill
Super Goat Man by Jonathan Lethem
The Babysitter's Code by Laura Lippman

Monday, April 27, 2009


Giveaway of the Day - Tidy Favorites Pro

Tidy up your favorite bookmarks! Organize your favorite links as live thumbnails instead of trying to work through plain-text links. Open, delete, move, resize and update bookmarks in a single click. Conveniently use the same set of favorites and the same convenient user interface in all of your browsers - IE, Firefox, and Opera!



Free Carvel Iceberg Ice Cream B&M 4/30/09
On Thursday April 30th carvel is giving a free 8 oz iceberg to all customers who come into the door to celebrate their 75th anniversary.
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Free Fun Game

Free Fun Game.. FREE game to kill some time with!! go to this link..

basically you train your brute to be stronger by fighting people!! you get random items each time you level up!! you only get 3 fights per day


Use My Little Cook Book for free - forever..... You can use it all you want for a unlimited period of time. The only limitation is that you can only enter up to 30 of your favorite recipes. There are 10 recipes included with MLCB. You cannot delete these recipes but you can change them if you desire. You can Purchase the unlimited version of MLCB at any time for a nominal fee by clicking on the purchase button in My Little Cook Book . We hope you enjoy MLCB as much as we have creating it.


Saturday, April 25, 2009


I've been using esnips for almost 2 years now. They give you 5GB of storage space for free.

Store music, pictures and so much more!

50gb online storage

Have a movies, photos, files, etc on you computer that you would like to store somewhere? Here is an awesome site that allows you 50 gb of free storage.

Just to let you know, the site is a little slow to upload but its free.

Friday, April 24, 2009

NJ Family Cares Free Health Insurance

NJ Family Cares Free Health Insurance for your children 18 and younger if you qualify (NJ only)

Most of the individual states have a program such as this to help ensure children get appropriate health care even if their parents are out of work or cannot afford to pay for insurance. I hope this helps someone!

Who is eligible for NJ FamilyCare?
Children 18 and younger may apply for the program, as well as certain low-income parents.
The income eligibility level for children's coverage is 350% of the federal poverty level. For example, children in a family of four with a monthly income of up to $6,432 could be eligible for coverage. For parents, the income eligibility level is 200% of the federal poverty level, or $3,675 for a family of four.

Eligibility is based on family size and monthly income. Family size includes children under 21, adoptive and natural parents and their spouses. If a child is living in a household with a grandparent, guardian, or caretaker, that person is not included in the family size, and their income is not taken into consideration when calculating eligibility for NJ FamilyCare, unless the guardian is also requesting coverage.

Only monthly income, not assets, is considered for eligibility.
To view income eligibility limits for various family sizes, go to Income Eligibility and Cost. The blue line shows the maximum income (annual and monthly) that families of various sizes can have in order to be eligible to apply for parent coverage. The bottom line of the chart shows the maximum income for coverage for children.

What if my family makes too much money to qualify for NJ FamilyCare?
Parents at higher income levels can purchase health insurance for their children at reasonable rates through the NJ FamilyCare ADVANTAGE program administered by Horizon NJ Health if they qualify. The cost is $143 per month for one child; $286 per month for two children; and $429 per month for three or more children. To learn more, please visit or call 1-800-637-2997.

Other insurance?
Applicants will be eligible for NJ FamilyCare only if they have been uninsured for a period of three months or more. However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as if you lost your insurance because your place of work went out of business or you were laid off. Depending on income, other exceptions may apply for families privately paying for health insurance or for COBRA benefits. Call 1-800-701-0710 and speak with a Health Benefits Coordinator to find out if any exceptions apply to you.

Premiums, co-payments?
For many families, NJ FamilyCare will be free. Other families will pay a monthly premium based on their income and small co-payments for some services.To view premiums, go to What It Costs.

How do I apply?
It is easy! Download an application from this website, or apply online, or call toll-free 1-800-701-0710 to request an application or to receive more information. If you are not sure you or your children could be eligible, please call us.


Office Depot a leading global provider of office products and services, is helping customers take care of business by offering customers free copies of resumes and free faxing from April 19 to May 30, 2009.

Be sure to check them out if you need to make resume copies or fax resumes to potential employers.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Free 250-page Baking Book from The Prepared Pantry E Book Be a better baker! Get the most comprehensive downloadable home baking guide you have ever seen!

To get your free, 250-page e-book, How to Bake, just tell us where to send it. No purchase required. No obligation. We only need an email address and first name. And we will protect your privacy.

Save it, print it, add it to your kitchen library. We will email you a chapter a week for eight weeks.

Simply tell us where to send your free e-book.

Wondershare DVD to Flash Converter

Giveaway of the Day - Wondershare DVD to Flash Converter

Wondershare DVD to Flash Converter is a versatile yet easy-to-use program to turn your favorite DVD movies into smaller, easily distributable Flash file in SWF and FLV formats. It is integrated with different flash player templates and various video editing functions which allows you to make unique flash video by trimming, cropping and adjust video effect. Besides you can easily convert DVD to SWF flash video with image, text, or even URL as watermark on them. With this wonderful DVD to YouTube Converter, you can easily convert DVD to YouTube video (FLV formats), Google video or other video sharing websites, and conveniently share your favorite DVDs in flash form with your friends and family for uploading DVDs to Face book, Myspace or personal blog.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Free 14-Day toning program

Free 14 day toning program from Shape Sign up now and get lean, sexy legs with this FREE 14-day toning program.

The editors of Shape have combined their most effective lower-body moves with fat-blasting cardio routines, nutrition tips, and plenty of motivation to create this exclusive 14-day toning program.

Every day you'll receive an email that includes everything you need to follow the plan. Whether you're kicking off a new workout routine or just need some ides to reinvigorate an existing one, this program has you covered.

Enter your details below to get started.

After you sign up they will email you a new exercise every day for 10 days and then you can unsubscribe.
Just in time for bathing suit season

Free Zoner Photo Studio 11 Xpress

Giveaway of the Day - Zoner Photo Studio 11 Xpress

Zoner Photo Studio leads you step-by-step through the process of managing and working with your digital photos: acquiring, editing, archiving, and publishing them. The all-in-one solution is exceptionally easy to use and saves you time and money: create great photos using just one program!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Model Analyzer for Excel

Foxonic is a powerful and easy-to-use PDF tool. With Foxonic, you can convert TIFF to PDF, JPEG to PDF, BMP to PDF, GIF to PDF and PNG to PDF. You can also merge PDF, split PDF, extract PDF pages, and add watermarks, add page numbers, add/change/remove PDF password/permissions and insert URL linking to the PDF file.

Download Link -->

Microsoft Movie Maker Beta and Picture Gallery

VISTA USERS! Microsoft Movie Maker Beta and Picture Gallery (includes IMAGE RESIZER like XP!!) Free Download FREE DOWNLOAD

as a vista user, this newer photo gallery is a VAST improvement over the standard Vista version in my opinion. Brings backs the great XP image resizer button and many more features including picture straightener that you scan in crooked!
NOTE: Simply check off movie maker as the option you wish to download, it will install the complete picture/movie package and not all the other junk like messenger, etc. that you may not want.

you do not have to make your default search engine, do watch your check buttons carefully.

So far, I'm very impressed and pleased in this newer version. I use Vista premium on my PC. Feedback is encouraged by the techies out there.


Who doesn't like free pics? Here is another way to print out all the pics you have stored at home. Check it out

when you sign up you get 25 FREE 4x6 prints


when you sign in to/ sign up for your Shutterfly account
enter the code

get fifty 4x6, four 5x7 and one 8x10

does not ask for Borders reward card number

Monday, April 20, 2009


Today's free redbox code is:


Reynolds Wrap® Foil from 100% Recycled Aluminum Earth Day Rebate. This Earth Day, Try Reynolds Wrap® Foil from 100% Recycled Aluminum Free with mail-in rebate (up to $3.99)Rebate available for download on Earth Day April 22nd, 2009) starting at 4:22 am EDT.

Quantities are limited!

To say thank you for visiting our website early, and to help you remember to come back on April 22, register below to receive an email reminder. We'll send you a link to the mail-in rebate when it goes live at 4:22 am EDT.


Dunkin Donuts!

Get a small Iced Coffee for only 50 cents on April 21st at Dunkin Donuts!! Not only do you get a great deal on an Iced Coffee, but your purchase will go to support Homes For Our Troops - a non-profit organization that provides specially adapted homes for our severely injured veterans at no cost to them! So stop by a couple times on the 21st!


Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day B&M on 4/21 from noon - 8pm YMMV Hey everyone, who doesn't like Ice cream, especially when it is free!!!

Ben & Jerry's is having their free Ice cream cone day this year on
Tuesday, April 21, 2009.

Time and PlaceDate: Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Time: 12:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: at participating Scoop Shops *

* Note at Participating Scoop Shops*
Your local Ben & Jerry's may or may not be participating, so I guess this is one time it may be ok to call and check.

Store Locator:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Free Tote at Target

Earth Day is right around the corner and Target is giving away FREE reusuable totes for the occassion. From what I understand ,it's for today only and there will be no rainchecks given. One per customer per purchase. Check out for more details.
Posted by Allison at Alley's Coupons, Family and Fun

Free Disney Tote on Earth Day

This is a GREAT tote that you can get at any Disney store just by taking in 3 plastic bottles. ADORABLE! This is for one day only, Earth Day which is April 22nd.
Thanks Alley's coupon, family, and fun

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Printable Dr. Seuss Gift Tags

FREE Printable Dr. Seuss Gift Tags If you'd like to have some fun,
Just print these tags, cut out each one,
Color them and add some string.
For Christmas gifts, or any time, they're just the thing!


3 Bare Naked Ladies Song Downloads

2.If I had $1,000,000 (live)
3.Wind it up

Friday, April 17, 2009


Shopping at JCPenney's this weekend?
Well shopping just got so much better. This saturday JCP has 20% almost everything in the store with the coupon.



Swiffer Mail-in Rebate Form

Mail-in rebates are an awesome way to lower the cost of your groceries. Receive a $5 debit card when you purchase $10 worth of Swiffer refills. You can also receive a $10 debit card when you purchase $20 worth of Swiffer refills. Go HERE to print a rebate form which is valid until May 15, 2009. Rebates must be postmarked by May 30, 2009. Don't forget to use any manufacturer coupons you have to lower your out of pocket expenses and make this deal even better.

Thanks Frugal mommie's Frugal notes!


FREE CFL Bulb @ Home Depot on April 19,2009

The Home Depot will be giving away 1 million CFL bulbs in support of our environment on Earth Day 2009. Receive a free EcoSmart 14w CFL bulb from participating The Home Depot stores on April 19, 2009. Quantities may vary by store. Limit one per customer while quantities last. No purchase necessary. Offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer or discount. No credit if offer refused.
Report Post

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ikea is serving free breaking every morning until 10:30 am from Friday April 17- Sunday April 19
If you have an Ikea near by, be sure to get your free breakfast.
For more information visit

The Knack @ Michaels 4/18/09

The Knack @ Michaels Store Free Family Event 4/18 BM YMMV The KnackSM
Free Family Event
Join us Saturday, April 18,
10am–1pm, when kids of all ages will create their own bunny or spring chick for some sunny spring fun. Ages 5–12 welcome.

Info -

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today's redbox code is:



Dunkin Donuts is offering all customers a free donut with the purchase of any size cup of Dunkin’ Donuts’ hot coffee on April 15.

Free e-book: Put Your Dreams First

Free e-book Put Your Dreams First: Handle Your [entertainment] Business 4/15-4/20 only Put Your Dreams First: Handle Your [entertainment] Business by Thembisa S. Mshaka, a media industry veteran will be available for free for a few days only
This career guide focuses on the ‘ins and outs’ of the entertainment business through the stories of women who have made strides in the industry. Over 90 dynamic women in music, radio, film, television, theater, dance, mobile and new media share what worked for them.
The e-book will be released from April 15th through the 20th at . The trade paper version will be published on April 23rd, 2009 at $16.99.
View the video:

TGI Fridays restaurants April 15

TGI Fridays restaurants is offering $5 Bonus Bites card when you spend $15-$25 dollars and get a $10 Bonus Bites Card when you spend $25 or more dollars. You can use Bonus Bites cards towards your next visit.

You can also become a member of their “Give Me More Stripes” loyalty program and you will get a coupon for a free appetizer.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Free Taco at California Tortilla on Tuesday, April 14 California Tortilla is giving away a free taco if you write or say "FACE" on Tuesday, April 14, 2009. No purchase required. Locations are only in DE, MD, PA, VA, DC, and WV.


McCormick & Schmick's APRIL 15

McCormick & Schmick's - $10.40 Tax Relief Certificate Yet another tax relief offer:

On April 15th, McCormick & Schmick's will be giving every tax payer a $10.40 tax relief dinner certificate for a future vist.

Official Web-site


Hurry, this offer is only available online until April 15!

Papa Johns: Get a large cheese pizza and add up to three free toppings for only $10.40 when you order online.

Use the promo code 1040M


Get an order of Papa's Wings for only $5.99 when you buy a large three-topping pizza at regular menu price.   Click here to order now.

Get an order of Papa's Wings for only $5.99 when you buy a large three-topping pizza at regular menu price. Use the promo code 41309T to redeem.

Free Maggie Moo’s APRIL 15

Maggie Moo’s is offering one FREE single scoop of Ice Cream (double yum!). Good at participating locations and limited to one per customer.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Today's redbox code is

Remember, this code expires at mid-night. Enjoy!


FREE Bread Recipe Book through 04/30/09

Click on "order free BreadBreaktrough" or "click here".

The Bread Breakthrough’s fuss-free recipes include Neapolitan-style pizza, pull-apart rolls, streusel coffeecake, delicious breads and a bread-making gift kit. You’ll also receive tips for homemade baking success. To order today, click here No shipping and handling fees through April 30, 2009.

Thank you for ordering. Your book will arrive in 4 - 6 weeks.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

15% off P.F. Changs on April 15th

P.F. Changs Tax Relief 15% off entire bill Apr. 15th. Food/Bev only. Not valid ongift cards.

For more information go to

FREE Cinnabon Bites April 15th

FREE Cinnabon Bites April 15th, 5pm-8pm On Wednesday, April 15, 2009 from 5 to 8 pm, participating mall-based Cinnabon bakeries will give away FREE Bites.

*While supplies last. Limit one offer per guest during the day of the promotion. Counts vary by store. Valid only at participating U.S. mall-based bakeries. Not valid at airports or travel plazas. No puchase necessary. No cash value.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

FREE Easter Crafting and Recipe eBook

FREE Easter Crafting and Recipe eBook is offering a FREE Easter Crafting and Recipe eBook to readers. The description follows, along with a link to the free download.

Hop into spring with this free eBook full of Easter craft projects and recipes. Find free Easter craft ideas to decorate your home, give as gifts and entertain the kids. Send homemade Easter cards to friends and families from our collection or find some different ideas for Easter egg decorating. Complete your Easter festivities with the collection of hand-picked Easter recipes. In this eBook you’ll find:

* 130 Pages of Craft Ideas for Easter
* 12 Easter Egg Decorating Projects
* 20 Easter Table Ideas: Centerpieces, Napkin Rings and More
* 10 Easter Chick Craft Projects
* 20 Easter Bunny Craft Projects
* 10 Easter Recipes

Seattle’s Best Coffee just turned 39

Seattle’s Best Coffee just turned 39. Did you? If you’re 39, too, you can get a medium coffee on the house from Tuesday, April 7, through Tuesday, April 28. Limit one free cup of coffee per person.

Not 39? Take advantage of one of the other specials this month:
From Friday, April 10, to Sunday, April 12, if you buy a pastry, you get a free medium cup of Anniversary Roast coffee.

From Friday, April 17, to Sunday, April 19, you can buy a medium cup of Anniversary Roast coffee for $0.39.

From Friday, April 24, through Sunday, April 26, if you buy any 12 oz. or larger bag of coffee, you’ll receive a medium beverage free.
Click the above link and print this coupon to get a free mocha or latte of equal or lesser value when you buy a medium or large mocha or latte. The coupon expires 4/28/09.

Friday, April 10, 2009




Offer valid through April 12, 2009. Limit one offer per customer per day while quantities last.
STORE ASSOCIATE USE ONLY: Offer type 8856 for Free 1oz. Naturally Lotion.

Free copies of your tax returns- STAPLES

Free copies of your tax returns in Staples stores

change your zip code
Remember to CLICK on sneak peek tab to see on the first page bottom

COPY and print center
offer valid 5-apr through 15 apr
in store only
on double sided paper , upto 20 black and white copies, 81/2'' by 11'' standard white paper

FREE Taco from Taco Del Mar on 4/15

FREE Taco from Taco Del Mar on 04/15/09 with coupon.

Go to
and click on Taxes suck, tacos dont!

Send me my free taco 1009 to the email address I've provided. I am ready to print it and head down to any Taco Del Mar, Del Mar's or Mondo's for my free taco on tax-day, Wednesday, April 15th.

© 2009 Taco Del Mar, We will not sell your information or disclose your information without permission. Offer good only on April 15, 2009 and only at participating locations. One per person ONLY. Not redeemable for cash. Coupon has no cash value.

store locator:


Thursday, April 9, 2009


Free Hillshire Farm Deli Select Lunchmeat Mail In Rebate

Purchase a package of Hillshire Farms Deli Select xxxxxx Lunchmeat and receive a refund for the purchase price by submitting:

* 3" x 5" index card containing your name, address, city, state, zip code and e-mail address
* 1 UPC symbol from the package of Hillshire Farms Deli Select xxxxx Lunchmeat
* The original cash register receipt with the Hillshire Farm Deli Select xxxxx Lunchmeat purchase circled.

Receive: By mail a refund check for the purchase price (max value $4.99) Limit one refund per household or mailing address.

Mail to: Hillshire Farm Try Me Free Offer
PO Box 6154, Dept (insert proper department number)
Douglas, AZ 85655-6154

Here are the different department numbers:
Dept A = Hillshire Farm Deli Select Ultra Thin Hickory Smoked Chicken Breast Lunchmeat
Dept B = Hillshire Farm Deli Select Ultra Thin Cracked Black Pepper Turkey Breast Lunchmeat
Dept C = Hillshire Farm Deli Select Hearty Slices Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Lunchmeat
Dept D = Hillshire Farm Deli Select Hearty Slices Hardwood Smoken Turkey Breast Lunchmeat

Product must be purchased by 6/30/09 and requests must be postmarked by 7/31/09. Limit one refund per household or mailing address. Duplicate requests will not be honored or acknowledged. A maximum of one package per receipt will be eligible for the refund. Where product is purchased as a "2 for one price" or similar promotion, the refund will be the actual cost of the package. Refund good on Hillshire Farm Deli Select xxxxx Lunchmeat only. Group or organization requests are not eligible and will not be acknowledged. Copies or reproductions of the cash register receipt of UPC symbol will not be accepted. Reproduction, sale, trade or purchase of the proofs of purchase is prohibited. Proof of purchase must be obtained from the product purchased. Fraudulent submissions could result in prosecution under Federal mail fraud statutes. One request per envelope. Void where taxed, prohibited or restricted by law. Requests from P.O. Boxes will not be honored. Offer good in USA only. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing. Hillshire Farm is not responsible for lost, late, stolen, incomplete, postage due or undeliverable mail. To check the status of your rebate submission go to or e-mail:


Michael Angelo's Taste Test Rebate

Here is how to get your rebate:
Purchase one 12 oz Michael Angelo's Meat Lasagna and one 10.5 oz Stouffer's Meat Lasagna
Perform your own taste test comparison
Which did you prefer?
If Michael Angelo's, receive 3 coupons for 3 free single serve entrees
If Stouffer's, receive your money back on one Michael Angelo's

Fill out rebate form and attach UPC's from both meals and your receipt dated no later than April 15, 2009.
You must be a member of Michael Angelo's Family table online community to be eligible for this offer. It is easy to sign up and only takes a few minutes.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Todays redbox code is:



Rumor has it that Showtime has a rebate going on. I don't have Showtime, so this doesn't benefit me, but I hope someone can use this:

1. Contact your service provider and order SHOWTIME today!
2. Collect three months of original bills that indicate your SHOWTIME subscription from your service provider.
3. Get your Rebate Form: Complete the entry fields below and select the Print button.
(Writing your name, address, and phone number on a 3" x 5" card also qualifies as a Rebate Form.)
4. Mail your three months of original bills and Rebate Form to:

$25 Rebate offer :
Dept B.
P.O. Box 430796
El Paso TX 88543-0796 :



Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I have been reading other frugal bloggers discussions and most of them stockpile. It made me think of this idea. There are many companies that give you supplies to throw a party. (Loreal house party, Ritz food house party, swiffer house party, etc)

Why not use your stock piles to throw a party for free. These parties are great ways to try out new products. You could throw a Maybelline party and bring out a sample of a few Maybelline items. Each person can try out the products. To make this party more fun you can raffle for a free Maybelline item of the persons choice from your Maybelline stock pile.

Or you can choose to compare different company eyeliners, mascara, eye shadows, even crackers or cheeses. There is no limit to how creative you can get with this party.

The total cost of the party is whatever you paid for these items. Also, for those who stockpile, the snacks for the party can be from your stockpile making your party, almost free.

Expired coupons

Alley at

found this cool site where you can send your expired coupons to help out the military. She posts:

I found a site where you can send your expired coupons to military families overseas! They are able to use expired coupons overseas for 6 months after the expiration date! I know that all I do is throw mine away, but from now on, I'll be sending them to the military families. This is a very easy thing to do, it costs the price of a stamp. The link is listed below:

Monday, April 6, 2009


Today' code for a free movie at Redbox is *TS473G.*


posted by Allison at Alley's Coupons, Family, and Fun!

It's time for some fun with Chuck E. Cheese. Need some coupons, just click on the link!! They are some good ones :O) Enjoy!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Here is a site where you can find unclaimed money. I have tried it out. I am too young to be owed money I guess. But check it out.

Click on the state you live in. On the state page, find where it says unclaimed money or something similar and continue to see if you are owed any money. Check it out, you have nothing to lose, and possibly some money to gain.


Free printable certificates n ca`rds link printable cards

FREE printable certificates, recognition awards, and blank certificates with matching incentives sheets and sticker charts from Use this certificate maker to print rewards for students, friends, family, party guests, anybody. Reward the student of the week, the player of the game, the spelling bee winner, teacher of the month, employee of the year, a student that has worked hard, you can even reward yourself! These can be used as printable greeting cardsor printable party invitations. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! Reward somebody today!

This site is great for teachers!

school certificates:
general good student/star student awards
science certificates and science fair awards
spelling bee awards
math certificates and math awards
geography bee certificates
music certificates and music awards
art certificates
awards for teachers

printable sports certificates and sports awards:
Reward the player of the week or player of the game, or just reward someone who likes sports!

Soccer Certificates Football Certificates
Basketball Certificates Swimming Awards
Baseball Certificates Ice Hockey Certificates
Volleyball Certificates Tennis Certificates
Martial Arts Awards Lacrosse Certificates
Softball Certificates Gymnastics Certificates
Golf Certificates Track and Field
Wrestling Awardsnew Cheerleading Certficates

printable reading certificates:
with matching incentives sheets!

These are great for encouraging reading! There are cute awards, star awards and more formal looking awards. They are great rewards for your phonics program.

Printable Bookmarks and Bookmark Awards
Soccer Bookmarks
Basketball Bookmarks
St. Patrick's Day Bookmarks (new)
Easter Bookmarks (new)

cute award certificates:
These are a bit softer, lighter and happier. They are fantastic for almost any occasion. There are no words on these.

cute smiley certificates
cute animal certificates
cute dinosaur certificates
cute certificates

Free printable sticker sheetsto match. Let the students complete the incentives sheet and then give them a matching certificate!
cool certificates to print:
with matching incentives sheets!

These are a bit funky when the situation calls for it. Reward people for a good job done or students for hard work on a project, report, homework, whatever!

formal award certificates:
Formal looking awards for various occasions. 12 styles to choose from or try these below for more formal awards:

trophy awards
award ribbons

For more formal awards take a look at the photo awards.

sci-fi awards and fantasy certificates both with matching incentives sheets!
A little science fiction for those that are into it. The same awards appear as coloring sheets. Give them an award in color or give them an award they can color themselves!

The fantasy awards have several different characters. There should be something there for any fantasy fan. Plus dragon certificates!

holiday award certificates

Valentine's Day card 4th of July
St. Patrick's Day card Halloween party awards
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Saturday, April 4, 2009


Just found a website that can help you or your kids with your homework for free...

subjects covered:
-computer science


Free math game at kidthing

kidthing has a free mathketball game available - you download the player

and then it's in your cool stuff folder ... they also have 13 other levels available for just 99 cents each.

They have addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - math crossed with basketball! Very fun game - especially the basketball-playing chicken - which my son particularly loves!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Here is a site where yon can see if the government owes you money. There are many of dollars that go wasted every year because people didn't know the government owed it to them.

Check to see if you are owed money. If you are owed money, it talks you through how to claim your money. Also, while you are there check to see if anyone in your family is owed money. They will appreciate it if you find them a few dollars that they didn't know was owed to them. Of course you can't claim the money for them. Enjoy!!


Here is another low budget and EASY meal for two with leftovers :-D

lentils and Rice

- 1/2 cup of brown lentils
- 1 cup of uncooked rice of your choice
- 1/2 a medium onion or 1 small onion
- seasonings of your choice
- 3 cups of water


1. Put water in a pot
2. add a pinch of salt
3. Once water starts boiling, add lentils
4. Cook until lentils are soft
5. Flavor lentils and water ( I use curry powder, salt, and pepper)
5. Remove lentils from water
6. Save water for use in a few minutes
7. Put lentils in a pot (or same pot if you like)
8. Add Rice
9. Fill pot with lentil water until liquid is just above rice
10. Cook until water evaporates
11. Once food is done get a frying pan
12. Put a little vegetable oil
13. saute onions in the oil until turn golden brown
14. Put rice and lentils in a nice dish
15. Top dish with the onions, or serve on the side

Total cost is roughly around $3.00

The rice and lentils can be eaten by itself or with plain yogurt.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I wanted to recap on last months freebies. I didn't take a picture of all the items that I got for free.

These are the freebies I received in the month of March:

-1 free kashi Dinner ( Value $4.99

-1 free tank top from aeropostale ( Value $17.50

-4 free t-shirts ( Guesstimated Value $40.00

-1 hoodie ( Guesstimated Value $20.00

-1 towel shorts ( Guesstimated Value $20.00

-4 tickets to I love you, man ( Value $44.00

-4 tickets to Monsters V.S. Aliens ( Value $44.00

-6 more tickets to Monsters V.S. Aliens due to time typo on the last screening that I missed. Value $66.00

-2 tickets to Miss March ( Value $22.00

-1 free vintage house decorative pin ( Value $19.99

-1 book and 1/2 of forever stamps ( Value $15.50

-2 - $10 off $10 coupons for JCP ( Value $20.00

-2- hand lotion samples (Aveda) Value $2.00

-a few youthtopia samples (Origins) Value $3.00

-4 beautiful brooches/ Pins ( Value $150.00

-1 full size secret deodorant (Rite-aid) Value $4.99

-Hair mousse full size (Rite- aid) Value $4.99

-2 shampoo full size(CVS) Value $13.98

-1 box of kotex pads 20 ct. (Walmart) Value $1.00

-1 - $10.00 gift card for free prints ( Value $10.00

-1 free full size cologate toothpaste (CVS) Value $2.99

-1- tide to go pen full size (slickdeals) Value $3.29

-1 - Selsun blue sample (walmart) Value $1.00

-1 - $10 digital photo printing card for FedEx office (Sony) Value $10.00

-1 - $5.00 target gift card (target) Value $5.00

-1 - Johnson and Johnson lotion travel size (target) Value $1.00

-1 - satin care shaving cream travel size (target) Value $1.00

-1 - head and shoulders travel size (target) Value $1.00

-1 - Poland Springs gallon of water (CVS) Value $1.59

-1 - box of Tortinos pizza (Superfresh) Value $2.50

-1 - tide 1 load packet (target) Value $0.99

-1- 4 pack 0-cel-o sponges (rite aid) Value $2.50

-3 - coupon for free diet dr. pepper ( Value $4.50

-1- sample box of total cranberry cereal Value $1.00

Approximate Freebie Total Value: $558.81

Wonderful Freebie Month!!


Free Personalized Letter from the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny, his helpers, and the rest of the gang at the Bunny Trail are getting ready to start writing his letters to all the good boys and girls this year.

Writing his special letters is one of The Easter Bunny's favorite parts of the season.
To help him out, his little helpers have made this website for you to use

There is a religious version, going to school version, short and simple, baby's first Easter

You will have to add in the details and then print it.

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Tonight's Redbox code is


Toys r us is have a Nickelodeon Easter adventure for kids on Saturday April 4th from 12pm - 2pm. There will be free gifts for all kids and lots of fun. Check out the site below for more information or to find a store near you.



Free health care visits at Take Care Clinics for the unemployed and uninsured *Walgreen's*

There are a few restrictions so check the site to see if you qualify.

Only in the following cities:
Greater Kansas City
Green Bay/Oshkosh
Las Vegas
New Orleans
St. Louis
West Palm Beach