Wednesday, April 29, 2009

10 Ways to Save some Money

I found this on
and I figured I would share it with you.

Frugality is a way of thinking that can change our way of living.

When times are hard it can be depressing for some;
but I believe that the way we think can determine our attitude
and eventually our lifestyles.

That living a frugal and pure life requires us to be
poor in spirit and in possessions is so far from the truth.

We CAN live a fabulous frugal life if we begin with our thoughts.

Here are some ways I'm thinking outside the box to save money for our family!

  1. Instead of buying a new book, see if your local library has it!

  2. If you still have a land line, call your server provider and ask them to go over your plan with you, chances are you are paying for things you don't use or need. You'd be surprised at the savings!

  3. Shop at the 99 Cent store! It can be a gold mine if you have the time to search it out!

  4. Organize. Organize. Organize. When there's a place for everything, you're less likely to run out and buy "X" because you know you have extra. Example: Wrapping paper, Birthday Bags and Tissue.

  5. Create a spending plan that allows for occasional eating out, pedicure, new shoes, etc. This is a must even if you're on a tight budget, it will help you feel normal and your urges to splurge will be less since you reward yourself on a regular (or semi regular) basis.

  6. Drink more tea. Not only do you get more anti-oxidants, but it's cheaper at Starbucks!

  7. Learn how to cook! Sounds cliche?! It isn't, check out the cookbooks at your local library and have at it! You're saving money, being healthier and gaining a new skill - it's a win-win!

  8. Plan ahead. This goes for everything: vacations, grocery shopping, play dates!

  9. Leave non-perishable food in the car for snacks. When you and the kids are running around doing errands, you're less likely to stop in at the gas station and buy food. We rotate between goldfish, teddy grams, even cereal, pour in a gallon size zip lock bag!

  10. When doing your grocery shopping look high and low (literally), the most expensive items are right at eye level, in fact they pay to be there. So the cheaper food is either on the top or bottom shelf!

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