Friday, April 3, 2009


Here is a site where yon can see if the government owes you money. There are many of dollars that go wasted every year because people didn't know the government owed it to them.

Check to see if you are owed money. If you are owed money, it talks you through how to claim your money. Also, while you are there check to see if anyone in your family is owed money. They will appreciate it if you find them a few dollars that they didn't know was owed to them. Of course you can't claim the money for them. Enjoy!!


aconite said...

did it worked for you?

Amoora said...

The government doesn't owe me any money :-(
But they do owe my father-in-law money.

Check it out. The worst that could happen is, they don't owe you any money.

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