Friday, March 20, 2009


One day a friend of mine decided she wanted to throw a political themed party. We were trying to come up with some fun games for the party and decided we would make a jeopardy board. It isn't expensive to make. We got a big board from Michaels for $0.99. We used colored index cards for the number. Each column had a different colored index card. Well we only had four colors, so the fifth column became a multicolored column. On the side that wasn't lined, we wrote out the numbers (100, 200, etc...) The backs we left blank. We taped the cards on the board. As the question would get selected we would remove the card. The names of each section were taped on the top with the same index card. Now we made the board this way so we can reuse the board for different parties. We actually have used it 2 different times after the event it was originally created for.

If you have kids, you can use this board for game time to ask them questions they all might know. There are those science card things, the ones that have questions on one side and answers on the other side. You can use those questions for your jeopardy board, I believe there is 5 categories per card.

With really young kids, you make one categories color, addition, subtraction, food, and "what is this pictures?".

Whatever the theme of your party or the age group of those attend your event, you can use the jeopardy board to entertain everyone.

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