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Most, if not all stores do price adjustments. What is a price adjustment? A price adjustment is when you purchased something like a shirt for $19.99 at Sears. Well a few days later you were back in Sears and the same shirt was now $14.99. Usually most people get ticked off and just go on with there life. But there is something you can do about it. Most stores offer some kind of price adjustment time. Anchor stores or department stores will usually give you a 30 day price adjustment time. Smaller stores can give you anywhere from one week to 30 days. On your receipt from each store it will tell you how long you have for a price adjustment.

If you happen to get a coupon around the time you purchased the item, or if you have a coupon but you forgot it at home, it doesn't mean you shouldn't buy the item. If you don't buy it then you run the risk of not finding it next time. Just bring in your coupon and get an adjustment on the item. Now with coupons they are a little more strict over the time limit. What might end up happening is they just return the item and let you repurchase it.

So let me give you an example of how this works.
I was at JcPenney a few weeks ago and there was this skirt that I absolutely loved. I had purchased one before and I knew I wanted another one like it. I had difficulty finding skirts that I like. So I had been looking for a while for another skirt my size, but they were always out. On this day I found one, and it was on sale for $19.99 from $36.00. I took it thinking, I have the skirt I really really want, I am happy. Well I got home that day from the mall, I found that there was a coupon in my email for $5.00 off my purchase of $5.00 or more. :-O If you could imagine my shock. So I figured I would get a price adjustment next weekend, since the mall is 15 miles away. The coupon doesn't expire for a while, so I had time to wait it out until the next time I planned to go.

The following week I made my way over to the mall because of a few other coupons and free stuff I had to get :-D and I took my receipt with me and my coupon. Before I got in line I went to look at the skirts, which were now on sale for $17.99. Not much of a difference, but that is $2.00 out of my pocket that I didn't need to spend. I got in line to get my money back. I told the cashier I have a coupon and this item is now on sale and I was a price adjustment. We both decided it would be easier for her to just refund me the money and let me repurchase it. So when I repurchased the skirt, with the sale and the coupon, my new total was $13.79 instead of the $21.19 I originally paid.

Things to keep in mind:

-If you had originally used a coupon, you will lose it if you do a refund and repurchase.

-If you originally used a coupon you can't use another coupon unless the coupon in your hand is better then the original one you used. Then you would just do a return and repurchase. I have had cashiers in the past who took the difference in savings between the coupons and just did a price adjustment. I can't guarantee all cashiers will do that.
-Make sure you pay attention to how long you have for a price adjustment. That is usually written someone in the store or on your receipt.

-Pay attention to if clearance is included in the price adjustment. Some stores will allow you to get a price adjustment on clearance, others won't. It is also written on the back of your receipt. If they won't allow you to do a price adjustment, I usually just return the item and then repurchase it. Examples of when this would come in handy is when they do the extra 20% off all clearance items just because.

-Some companies will make you return an item and have to purchase a brand new one. New york and company for example makes all items as defective once you return it and send it back to the company it came from. So if you miss the price adjustment time, you should hope to find the exact same size in stock for the new price.

Good luck and happy saving!


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