Sunday, March 15, 2009


So when I first started this blog, I made sure to post between 3 to 10 discussions a day. I did this because I wanted to get this site going. My husband was looking at my site the other day and was thinking I am doing too many posts. So to all the readers I would like to know, how many posts would you like to see a day. I don't want to overwhelm anyone with my posts. I do however want to personal experiences and tips to help you become more frugal. Any input, comments, suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please either contact me personally or just reply to this post. Thanks!


aconite said...

i love your blog and your post .. but i agree with your husband .. i thiNK 2 A DAY is enough

aconite said...

i like your blog and its nice .. but i agree with your husband 2 post is enough .. i don't want you to run out of ideas ;)

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