Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My husband and I tried to cut down expenses on going out. We started to get bummed because it meant cutting down on our fun time. We used to go bowling, go out to eat, watch movies for fun, nothing that was really free. Now we have two huge tourist areas around us, Washington DC and Baltimore MD but that wasn't enough to keep us busy. You can only visit these areas so many times before it gets a little boring, at least the free parts. To our surprise there was so much more to do in Baltimore and DC that we didn't know existed. Also, within a 10 mile radius there was a lot more then we had ever imagined. All our friends are new to the area just like us, most of which went to school with my husband in upstate New York and weren't familiar with the area. Others that came from down south, again not really familiar with this area. I decided I would go on a search for fun stuff to do. I couldn't believe that all the fun stuff had to cost money. I found this site that is filled with free tourist attractions for every state.

Just click on your state and it will show you all the free stuff you have around you.

Now in my area one of the tourist attractions on the site above was a hiking trail. I was amazed because MD seems pretty flat to me. So I decided I would try to find more hiking trails around here. I went on google.com and search hiking in MD and found so much more hiking trails then one would ever think MD had. We also found some near by hiking areas in VA.

Basically, every state has tons of free things to do to have fun. It is a little harder to find the free things. So a great starting point is the site above and google.com. Search what interests you and your state and you will be surprised at all the free activities that surround you.


aconite said...

thank you so much for this link .. keep up your work ,i love it

Amoora said...

I hope you find many FREE activities to do in your area! Enjoy!

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