Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Whenever I would get an item that wasn't a perfect square, I would get creative with the wrapping of it. One of my favorite is making my gift look like a piece of candy. Also, whenever I didn't have tape handy, I would use this same method of wrapping. Do you remember the strawberry candy, where it was twisted at the top? This is the same look we are going for.

You will need:

-your gift
-wrapping paper
-yarn or pipe cleaner

1. Cut out the wrapping paper need. Leave plenty of space on every part of it.
2. Place gift in the middle of the wrapping paper.
3. Lift up all the sides around it.
4. Twist all the paper together
5. Cut a piece of year or pipe cleaner to any size you please
6. Tie the twisted gift wrap paper.
7. Depending on how big the gift is, leave about 2in - 10 in of paper hanging on the edges (this is really based on your preference.)
8. Any excess paper over 2in-10 in, cut it off.
9. Fix paper until satisfied with the final look.

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