Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This is great if you have little ones or know someone who does.

Do you have fabric scrapes laying around that you have no intentions of using. Maybe you shortened some pants, made something and have left over fabric, or have those shoulder pads that you cut out of a dress/shirt. Save these pieces for a project to work on with your daughter/sister/niece.

When I was younger I used to take these fabrics to make clothing for my barbies and baby dolls. My childhood inspired this project.

Let the little girl(s) in your life become clothing designers for their dolls/barbies. I would recommend you or another adult do all the handing sewing required, but other then that let them create the design, cut the pieces and tell you how they want the design to look. This is a great way to let the children express their creativity. Also, this activity works as great bonding time. And it is a great way to reuse fabrics that otherwise would have made its way to the trash. I reused the clothing I made until I stopped playing with my dolls and barbies.

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