Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I went to a job fair last year, but it wasn't because I was looking for a job. I had heard of all the cool stuff my friends got for free at a college job fair, and I wanted to go see for myself. You wouldn't believe the stuff I ended up with.

-suave shampoo for women
-suave 2 in 1 shampoo for men
-salad spritzer dressing
-dove deodorant
-drawing triangles
-tons of pens/pencils
-tons of shirts
-tons of post-its
-tons of draw string backpacks
-glass cup
-awesome kids toys
-play cards
-stress balls

FYI: I didn't even walk through the whole job fair and I didn't stay but a half an hour.

I walked in empty handed, walked out with three bags of free things. Seriously, it was an awesome shopping spree for the young and broke! I do recommend checking out a job fair near you. They have the stuff there for those who are interested in taking. Why not get free things? Also, if you are really looking for a job, don't let it discourage you from taking the freebies. Most people offer you freebies after talking to you about the job.

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