Thursday, March 5, 2009


You know those little rolls inside of a roll of paper towels or toilet paper? Most people throw them away after the paper product on top is used up. I have an idea that could help you reuse those item.

Do you have kids? Work as a teacher in the day or even in a day care? Are you around kids at all? If you so you will enjoy this listing. Save up all the empty rolls for a while. If you are around kids you can use this. If not, donate them to a youth group or art teacher with the idea :-D.

Penguin Buddy

You will need
-empty toilet paper roll
-glue (any kind)
-construction paper
-pipe cleaner (optional)

1. Trace out some body parts of the penguin. You could also print these from online and just cut out the parts.
2. Cut out the parts you traced.
3. Make sure with things like the beak, tail and wings you leave a little flap to be glued down.
4. Glue down everything whether it is jut the flap or the whole thing.
5. Let it dry
6. Decorate with the pipe cleaner. You could tie one around the neck of the penguin and have a tie/ bow tie. Or you could cut it up and give the penguin fingers by gluing them on.

You can use the paper towel holders as adult penguins and toilet paper holders as baby penguins. Or you can cut up the paper towel holders in smaller ones.

When you are done you can use these as decorations in a child's room, or Christmas decorations. You could also pass these along to grandma and grandpa.

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