Thursday, March 12, 2009


It took me a while to accept saving containers. I never really bought anything in a bag. I bought things in containers so that way I wouldn't have to arrange containers for each bag once I opened them. Then I started to realize price. The convenience of having an item in a container was more expensive then just buying it bagged up. So I switched to bags. I do use the ready spaghetti sauce about once a week. They come in awesome glass containers that I used to throw away. Now, these containers are my storage system. They make great containers for saving all kinds of items in the pantry. Also, it makes your pantry look nicer when you have a bunch of containers as oppose to zip lock bags and plastic bags.

Some of you might be worried about the containers matching. Well that isn't a big deal. Every week as you use your same spaghetti sauce, save the containers and replace all the non-matching containers. Eventually you will have an organized pantry that matches.

But they don't look as nice as the store bought ones? Not a big deal. Decorate your own containers. There are paints that you can use to decorate glass. Get some paints and create a design on the outside of your container. Or, get some label paper, design it and stick it on your containers. They will look really nice in no time.

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