Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So I don't know about you, but I know a lot of people who spend lots of money on recipe books and magazines. This is a great place to cut expenses when on a tight budget. So, there are many people who are always giving away recipe books and magazines that they are no longer using. Also, libraries get rid of books and magazine for a few cents and sometimes for free when they are done with them.

Any recipe in the world is online. I usually do a google search for a recipe I am looking for. Tons and tons of pages come up with all kinds of recipes. Sometimes I go to to search recipes.

Also, there are many popular books that are out now (example: Rachael Ray 30 minute meals, etc..) that come on TV and share recipes. They also have a website with the recipes all listed. You don't even need cable to see these recipes.

Also, there are many magazines you can get subscriptions for free. I will tell you more about that another time.

Lastly, you can always consider recipe swaps. Trade recipes with friends or at swaps or even just ask a friend one of there recipes. I love when people ask me how I made something. One it lets you know they like you food, but also its nice sharing things with others :-D

There are infinite ways to access recipes without forking out the money.

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