Thursday, March 5, 2009


Rebates are incentives from the company to promote sales. They are sometimes on new products, sometimes on products that aren't selling well. Either way it works to your advantage. These rebates range from a few cents off to the full cost of the item (minus tax). I have in the past tried quite a few rebates, they all work.

I will give a few examples of successful rebates.

Bed bath and beyond had a $30.00 off rebate on digital pictures frames from a specific company. Now I was at the time looking for a gift for a Christmas grab bag. The rebate was running for one year. Well during the time of the rebate, this item went on clearance for half off. So now this awesome 5 in & 7 in digital frame was on sale for $69.99 because they came out with new styles. Well the rebate is still effective even if the item is on clearance. So I ended up getting the frame for $39.99 plus tax instead of $140 plus tax.

Sears had a flat griddle that you place on your stove, works great for cooking fish, breakfast, etc. Orginal price is $19.99. The day I went to purchase it, it was on sale for $14.99. One the website they were advertising there was a $10.00 rebate on the product. Now $10.00 isn't bad for an item I will use often but $5.30 is even better.

One more example. So when I first got married sears had this awesome starter kitchen set. It had pots, pans, plastic cups, plastic plates, silverware and cooking utensils. Sounds expensive right? Well it was on clearance for $19.97. I thought it was such a great deal, that I purchased it, as I was leaving I was surprised to find I had a mile long receipt. As I started reading it, I found out it had a $20.00 rebate. Well, I was think why would they accept a rebate on an item that I paid the whole cost of the rebate. I sent in the rebate thinking, if they send me a check, fine, if they didn't, fine. I opened up an envelope a few weeks later, and to my surprise was a check for $20.00.

I have purchased many items on rebates, and all have been successful. If you don't mind waiting a few weeks for the money, it is so worth it. It's always fun checking you mail to find a check you weren't expecting.

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