Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Everyone goes out to eat sometimes. When you go out to eat, you get condiments, napkins, etc. Now most of us take more then we really use, right? Don't throw them away, save them. Sometimes people leave them on the table when they are done, guess what? They get thrown away. You can always use napkins. It saves you money on buying paper towels and napkins for your home. There are many different patterns and designs and there are quite a few places that don't even put anything on the napkins. Those are my favorite napkins. Also, think of how much ketchup, mustard, honey mustard, soy sauce, etc. you don't have to buy if you save the ones you don't use. I even save crackers when I go out to eat. I love saltine crackers, and I don't really like them with soup. I save them for days when I just want a snack. They make perfect snacks. You can even save the creamers if you are a coffee drinker. Why not save a few cents by keeping these items? Also plates and plastic ware. When we order out Chinese food they always give us a lot more plates and plastic ware then what we need. I save those, and put them in my office. I can always use the *FREE* plastic ware for eating lunch at work. In my office there is a section with napkins, ketchup and plastic ware that is always filled and ready whenever I need.

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