Monday, March 9, 2009


Another way to watch movies free is through the Redbox movie rental system. You can find a redbox almost anywhere. Some locations include, the grocery stores, walmart, etc. You rent per night. The sweet thing is there are many codes floating around that you can almost every other day get a free rental. There are blue-ray movies as well as normal ones. You can return it at any location, it doesn't have to be the same location you got the rental from. Whenever I find a code, I will post it. Also, if you know a code, please share so other readers can benefit.

Today Mar 9th - Monday only promo code from Redbox: F3T9L6

Also, when you sign up on the site, you get a free rental code, I would sign up on a Tuesday or Thursday when there isn't very many codes floating around.

On this site it also has a redbox locator, so you can figure out which locations are close to you. Another neat feature is you can pick movies online and tell it which box you will pick it up from. It will hold that movie for you. How sweet is that?

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