Saturday, March 14, 2009


I had a friend who was telling me about her friend. She was telling me how this lady, when she buys new clothing, she takes all the baggies with buttons on them, puts the buttons together and saves all the baggies. She puts the baggies in the kitchen. Whenever someone comes over and needs medication(Advil, Tylenol,etc) she gives them a few in these baggies. I thought it was such an awesome idea that I wanted to pass it along. I always saved the bags, but they sat there waiting for a chance to be used. Now I have a use for them. You can also use these baggies, when you are going on a trip, to take the few pills you will need for the trip. These are great, if you take a lot different pills so you need to separate them per day. You can put all the pills together you need for the day and everyday have a new packet with all the necessary pills.

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