Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Saturday I went shopping. There were a lot of deals going on that I figured I would take myself to the mall.

JcPenney: I had bought a skirt the week before for $21.19. Well the same day I bought it I found a $5.00 coupon in my email. As I was in the mall last Saturday I decided I was going to get a price adjustment. Well the skirt happened to be on sale for $17.99 instead of the $19.99 I purchased it for. So I went in got a refund for the amount and repurchased the skirt for $16.94 for a savings of $4.24 on something I had every intention of keeping.

Origins: After my wonderful save I decided to go over to origins where they were giving away a free sample of bedtime balm. I have tried this item in the past and it is a nice item. You rub it on your temples and it helps you relax and fall asleep easier. It is also extremely expensive for such a small bottle. Walked a way with a bottle that will last at least for two weeks.

Victoria's Secret: There was a promotion online that they were giving away free lotion to advertise their new product. I went in to get my free lotion. It is 1 oz which is great size for carrying around in your purse. It smells just wonderful. But while I was there I remember I had a coupon for free pair of panties. Figured I would take advantage and get that too. Now the lotion I got is valued at $4.99 and the panties were valued at $9.50. My total savings was $14.49 not including any tax costs.

Express: Also has an advertisement for free panties, no purchase required. I made my way over there as well to get a pair. The Value of these was $9.50 as well.

Aveda: Since I was doing so awesome I figured I would make my way to aveda. Now aveda had sent me a post card to get a sample Aveda's Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment. This is for discoloration that may happen on your face due to pimples, bites, sunspots, etc. I think it is natural to have blemishes. I walked with a sample that will help me hide my spots.

Bed, Bath and beyond: So I decided to go spend a gift card I had at BB&B. I had two coupons with me which is the reasons I stalled on purchasing items in the past. I have always wanted a wooden salad bowl and tongs. It was at regular price for $29.99. I had a coupon for $10.00 off $30.00 or more which brought the price of the 3 piece set to $21.00. I also got onion chopper. So this item is neat. It has two different sizes for chopping onions and other fruits and veggies. And it holds everything in a container that you can close if you don't want to use the items right away. This is $19.99 at normal price. I had a 20% off coupon. I also got a mallet looking thing that you use to break up crabs. We eat crabs a lot but never have the proper utensils. So I ended up getting all three items for free. :-D

I did decided to buy an extra crab mallet which is cost me $2.11 plus $6.00 for lunch.

Total spending was $7.11
Total savings was $72.07 Great day!

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