Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So I just recently got an ipod touch. I wouldn't bring myself to invest in such a toy but my husband thought I could use it. I wanted to go all out and just buy an iphone. To my surprise the ipod touch has everything you ever need.

So having an iphone you get to make calls, check emails and get online. Well, whenever you are at home or even in a location that has wireless Internet, you have interenet. You can check email, go on sites, download music and games. So for no monthly bill you have Internet. To top this off, my husband and I use skype at home instead of a regular phone line. All you have to do is log on to your skype account on your itouch and guess what, you have a phone :-D. You will however need a headset with a mic. But paying $20.00 for a head seat is alot cheaper then $100.00 a month? And to top this off, you don't have a binding contract!! You still can get all the apps that the iphone has. It holds music, movies, games, etc. You can make to do lists, you can put a weight goal with dieting plans, exercise plans and so much more. You don't even need that much memory. I got the 8 GB. I have well over 200 songs on it, a ton of apps, and still have well over half my space available.

-no monthly statement
-no contract
-same apps
-can get online
-can check and write emails
-can make and receive phone calls

-won't have Internet everywhere or on the road

I would say if you are interested in forking out the money on the iphone, consider this as a way to save a few bucks.

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