Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So I found this online a while back and I can't locate where I found it. This is free ways to keep your eyes looking amazing for nothing more then what is in your kitchen.

Complete care for your eyes plus best exercises to enhance your eyes and a lots of tips

Try this combination of massage
and acupressure to preserve the brilliance in eyes: To prevent fine lines around the eye area, trace circles with the middle finger around the eyes. Starting from the inner point of the eyebrows go under the eyes and end upwards at the outer point of the brows. Allow the touch to be gentle while following smooth, gliding action. . Apply gentle pressure on five points. Along the eyebrow, starting at the inner corner trace the pressure to the centre of the brows and then the outer corner. The fourth point is located just beyond the outer corner of the eyes while the last point is below the eyes.

. Castor oil can work wonders for your eyes. Massage in some oil on your eyelashes and brows before you hit the sack and get those curling, dream eyelashes in months. As for the eyebrows, they will get thick and nice (avoid eyebrows in case you have bushy ones). . Cinnamon is not only a wonder spice it is a wonder beauty aid as well. When mixed with honey and applied on eyes, this is said to improve eyesight
. . Powdered fenugreek and milk are said to tackle dark circles. Apply a paste of fenugreek mixed in milk on dark circles in the night. Wash off in the morning and watch dark circles vanish for good.
Enhance Your Eyes Through Exercise! Besides the eye make-up
and the beauty sleep, you can do this simple exercise everyday to keep your eyes bright, healthy and glowing.
The method. . While lying down or in a sitting posture, place your middle fingers between the brows, above the bridge of the nose. Place your index fingers at the corners of your outer eye. . Squint the lower eyelid upwards and feel that eye muscle pulse. Squint and release ten times, focusing on the pulsing each time you squint. . Now hold the squint and squeeze your eyes tightly shut while counting up to 40. Focus your mind on the outer eye muscle
pulsing. Be sure to keep eyes squeezed shut very tight as you count. . -Don't forget to open your eyes after counting!
The result. . The muscle surrounding the eyes, which are responsible for opening and closing, get thoroughly exercised. . Blood circulation in the eye area is enabled and this facilitates the strengthening of the upper and lower eyelids. . Under-eye puffiness is reduced. . Under-eye hollows are uplifted . You'll look wide-eyed and your eyes will sparkle!
The frequency. . For best results do it twice in a day. . To rectify deep hollows or severe under-eye puffiness, under-eye droop or to enlarge the eye socket, do the exercise thrice in a day.
Note. Puffy eyes in the morning? Just do your exercise twice and then apply your makeup. This will brighten your eyes instantly and banish the look of fatigue.
Tackle the problem of dark circles under the eyes.

Here's some exercise to completely relax the eyes and the surrounding muscles: . Close your eyes and think of something that is pleasant or soothing and at a distance (like the horizon over a stretch of green, a sail in the midst of a huge water mass). . Now gently open your eyes and look into the distance. . Now shift your focus on an object that is at arm's length. . Do this extremely relaxing exercise four to five times a day. You will literally feel that fatigue oozing out of your eyes.

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