Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cardboard TP Ideas

This may sound a little weird. I was checking the guest bathroom to see if I need to replace the toilet paper, and I found an empty cardboard tp holder. I remember as a child recycling them for an art project. I started to think there are probably a million projects I can do with the TP holder. So every Sunday for the next few weeks I will try to post 1 new idea for the TP holder. If you have one you would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment and I will be glad to post it the following week. These ideas can work for the cardboard paper towel holders as well. They may need to be cut down to the TP holder size to work for the projects.

Now, Since Halloween is coming up, I figured this weeks idea should be related to halloween.

Halloween Suprise Tubes

Materials Needed:

•Toilet paper roll
•Halloween printed fabric
•Treats (see Suggestions below)

Cut a piece of fabric big enough to cover the toilet paper roll and have a couple of inches hanging over each end of the tube. Wrap the Halloween fabric around the toilet paper roll and glue in place. Tie (in a bow) one overhung end of the fabric with 3 - 4 different colored ribbons. Fill the fabric covered tube with trinkets, candy, and confetti. Tie the open end up with the ribbons. Place sticker on the tube.

You can put anything in these. When I made them last year for my son to hand out to his classmated for halloween, they loved them!!!

This idea was found Here!

Note: These also can work great for easter, check here!

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