Monday, October 26, 2009


Tote Bag In 5 Diffrent Colors You chose!

We are a group of individuals determined to make the world we all share and live in a better place. One major issue with this society is not reusing plastic bags, when shopping. I understand that this is hard to get into the habit of doing, but if everyone even used 1-2 bags less, that would save us billions of plastic bags internationally. Our goal is not to convert everyone to use only plastic bags. That is simply unrealistic. Instead bring a reusable grocery bag/tote with you next time you go shopping. Use that instead of a plastic bag. If everyone uses one less plastic bag, that is ALOT of plastic bags! Come on people lets do this. Spread the Word. We are giving away (hopefully) millions of reusable grocery bags for free! These bags are completely new and never taken out of their package from the manufacturer. Available in 5 different colors for you to choose.

Fill out the form below to request a 100% Free, Reusable grocery tote. Please know that this offer is good while supplies last. If you request one, you must use it. (This is why we are doing this) Don't let it sit around.

You will also be sent a bumper sticker that says "I helped save the environment" (Valid while supplies last)

*NOTE* YOUR ORDER IS NOT YET COMPLETE! Click Here To Complete your Request. <--- Just an Ad Don't click it. You already Got your order Submitted!!!

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