Monday, October 19, 2009


Since halloween is just around the corner, I figured I would post this.

Here is an awesome site that has everything you need to prepare for halloween. It has downloadable templates and instructions on how to make all kinds of halloween decorations, costumes, and much more. Be sure to check this site to have the coolest and scariest house on the block.

Lots of really fun things to download and make:
Festive & Funky T-shirt Wreath
Peculiar Picture Frames
Ghoulish Goblets
Jack-O-Lantern Gift Bags
Spooky Story Placemats
Perfect Pumpkin Ornaments
Sinister Ceramics
Dolls of the Living Dead
Forgotten Flowers Centerpiece
Sidekick Scarecrows
Batty Photo Backdrop
Beware Bottles
Friendly Ghost and Curious Cat Pillows
Recycled Trick-or-Treat Totes
Wickedly Perfect Party Games

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