Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cardboard TP Ideas

This weeks cool TP cardboard idea is pretend binoculars. This is a great project to do with the little ones.

Follow these directions and find out how to make pretend binoculars using bathroom tissue rolls.
Materials Needed:

•2 Cardboard Toilet Paper Rolls
•Small Piece of Lightweight Cardboard (From a Cereal Box, Etc.)
•School Glue
Paint both cardboard toilet paper rolls. Set them aside to dry.

Cut a piece of lightweight cardboard2" x 6". Paint it and set it aside to dry.

Once all of the paint is dry, place a line of glue down both long ends of the 2" x 6" piece of cardboard. Set the toilet paper rolls down on the glue, let the glue dry.

Technically now, your binoculars are done. If you like, you can add some embellishments to your binoculars such as beads, feathers, or sequins. Another item you can add if you like is a strap. Simply tape of glue a piece of yarn or string onto your binoculars so you can wear them around your neck.

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