Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blue's Clues Dog Costume

Since we are only a few weeks away from Halloween, I figured I would post an idea for a homemade costume for the little ones.

Blue's Clues Dog Costume

Dress up as everyone's favorite clue-sniffing hound with this blue dog costume. This craft is fun for kids to get involved with and they feel a real sense of accomplishment wearing the finished outfit.

What you'll need:
Blue's Clues Hat (see below for link)
Blue sleeper or sweat suit
Dark blue felt
Sewing machine
Blue thread
Blue gloves
How to make it:
Create the Blue's Clues hat.
Cut out several spots from the dark blue felt.
Sew each of the spots onto the blue sleeper or sweat suit.
Combine the sleeper or sweat suit with the hat and gloves to complete the costume.

This project was found at:

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