Thursday, October 15, 2009


Free coffee from 7-Eleven every day through 10-31-2009
I didn't see this when searching for it, but I think this has been available since 10/07.

7-Eleven has a lame dating game at to "wake up to a hot Brazilian" ... coffee. At the end of the dating game, however, you get this:

Here's the text of the coupon:
Hot Beverage
Good for one 12-oz. coffee,
cappuccino, hot chocolate or tea.
Excludes espresso-based products. Offer good at participating
US 7-Eleven stores. Limit one coupon per customer per day.
Offer not valid with any other coupon or discount. No cash value.
Copies or reproduction by any means
is prohibited and shall void the coupon.

Now, I don't know how reproduction of a .PDF coupon voids anything, but there ya go. It says right on it that you can get a free one every day.

So I just went and tried it. It scanned in perfectly, and then the manager proceeded to fight with me for five minutes because it's printed. He said that he's worked there for 9 years and never had a printed coupon before. But viral marketing didn't exist 9 years ago. Anyway, he finally gave in saying, "Today only," but I think I'll fight with him tomorrow, too, because he pisses me off. I'm going to bring my laptop in and make him scan that since he won't accept a printed coupon.

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