Thursday, October 29, 2009


Many of us eat cereal or have people in our household who eat cereal. Here is an article I found about recycling those boxes.

Cereal boxes are a great source of cardboard for a whole range of projects, making them too valuable to just stick in the recycling bin. Here are some ideas to get your imagination going on how you can reuse your cereal boxes.

1.Gift Box
Forget about purchasing boxes and bags for packaging presents. Cereal boxes are perfect for many gifts, especially those of the flatter variety like hand-made frames or clothing.

2.A New Wallet
With a few quick cuts and folds, you can have a neat DIY wallet that will last a surprisingly long time. It might be unique, but not the oddest project we've seen!

3.Business Cards
We're always looking for ever greener business cards. For boxes that are blank on the inside (which can be a rare find these days), you can cut pieces to business card size and write, stamp or print your info. Not only is it green, but it's also frugal!

4.A Notebook
Forget expensive moleskins. Make your own cool notebooks with sturdy cereal box cardboard as your cover.

If you're a big reader, cut out strips and add a touch of scrap ribbon and beads, and you have some fun bookmarks.

6.Storage Bins
Thanks to an easy pattern from Urban Nest, you can cut and sew your way to some beautiful fabric-covered storage bins that are as fancy as what you'd find in a store, but a fraction of the cost.

7.Magazine Holders
Simply slice the top and cut diagonally from one top corner to the middle of the opposite side, and your magazines will finally stay upright on your bookshelf.

Sending an unexpected note to someone with the logo of a cereal box on one side can be a fun way to say hello. Just be sure you make it standard postcard size, since the post office can get picky.

Bonus: Don't forget that the cereal bag can be reused too. It's perfect for reusing as a piece of wax paper for cooking or craft projects.

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