Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mead Money Madness points

Collect Mead Money Madness points and redeem various items ( even Amazon GC). I purchased a mead notebook and on it, it said that you could collect points to redeem for things. They have a few GC and some other cool things.
You have to go through the site and search for the icons that let you know you will get points for viewing that section (see attachment). Look in wiki for FAQ's.

Mead Money Madness® is a points program that rewards you for all your eligible Mead purchases and for spending time right here. First you earn the points, and then you can exchange them for all sorts of rewards.

Two Ways to Earn Points

1. Look for the Mead Money Madness tag on the Mead® products you buy to find out how many Mead Money Madness points you can earn. Enter the UPC online and we’ll add the points to your account. Save your receipts – you’ll need them to claim your rewards.

2. You’ll also score points for doing certain things on this Web site. So when you play a game, take a poll, create a quiz, view a demo or download a template, look for the Mead Money Madness points value. You can use these points to get rewards, too.

Can I earn Mead Money Madness points on the site, or do I have to always buy products?

Yes, you can earn 9,270 points from July through February (1,450 points per full calendar month) by participating in certain activities on this Web site. These points can be exchanged for reward items and they do not require receipts for redemption. Receipts are only required for the points you add to your UPC bank, from the purchase of Mead products. For more information, please see the Terms & Conditions.

Get Your Rewards
Now that you’ve racked up a pile of Mead Money Madness points from all the eligible Mead products you bought and all the time you spent on this Web site, it’s time for the fun part. Click here to see all the fun and useful gear you can grab with your points. Select the rewards you want and redeem your points. It’s easy! If you are going to buy school supplies/work supplies anyways, might as well get the points to get free items.

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