Friday, June 12, 2009


So, I have in a long time posted any of my good deals. Part of that is that I just haven't been going to the mall or anywhere for that matter. I have been relying on what items I have at home and buying very little items. I am sure I saved money since I wasn't buying. It is amazing after weeks of going through my piles of food, I still don't have to buy more then, eggs, milk, and bread!

Anyways, back to the reason I started this post. I went to JCP yesterday and wanted to share my awesome deal with you. So JCP sent out a coupon last week for $10 of $10. I went to use it yesterday because I didn't think I would use it any other time. I have 2 weddings plus a party to go in Aug. So I figured I would check out prom dresses. Now these are pakistany weddings which means people dress extremely formal. I needed a prom looking dress to fit in. Now since prom is over, all the dresses were on clearance. At JCP, Dresses were on clearance for $19.97. I found the perfect dress and went to the register. As she was ringing me up, it rang up at $15.98 (had an extra percentage off) sweet! I thought $20 was a great deal. I pulled out my $10 off coupon and the price became $5.98 and after tax $6.34. I just wont a gift card at an event I attended a few weeks ago, so I didn't pay a cent out of pocket.

Original price for the dress is $200.00 (I am dead serious!)
Total savings on the dress was $194.02 =-O

I am going to try to put a picture of the dress or my receipt as soon as I get a chance, so keep an eye out for that!
I used a gift card making this absolutely free. If you have great deals like this on clothing please feel free to share. I always love hearing a good deal.


Tams* said...

Nice find!!!
Prom Gowns are ridiculous full price!!
I actually got my prom gown on the clearance rack at [was] Fielene's now MACY'S

Amoora said...

thanks! They are pretty expensive.

aconite said...

hay nice deal.. can't wait to see your dress , i think i should go to jcp too to check the'r dresss

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