Friday, June 19, 2009


Three years ago I got married. During the three years we have moved three times. Each apartment, I searched for the apartment. After each experience I realized there were amenities I wanted to that could help make my life easier. The apartment we ware in now, has almost all the amenities I wanted.

Here is how amenities help save you money.

Utilities included in cost:

If all utilities are included, you never had to pay more then what you rent is. If you do however how to pay for utilities, make sure it is something cheap like water. Electric and gas are two utilities you don't want to have to pay for. I know from experience.

Gym in complex:

If the complex has a gym, you can cut out the cost of gym memberships. It is also great because you never had to leave your building to get a workout. The hours are usually convenient. Some are even open 24/7.

If your complex doesn't have a gym they usually offer a discount one a gym membership. I thought this was cool, because unless you ask, they usually don't tell. So The first 2 apartments we stayed at didn't have gyms but they both offered a discount at golds gym. The gym they provide a discount at usually is the closest gym to them.

Business center:

Business centers are so amazing. The one we have has 4 computers with internet access. Our business center allows unlimited printing, copying and faxing. All ink, paper, etc is provided. This saves you so much money on ink, paper. Even if you didn't want to invest in internet, you would have access to it for free.

Free Parking:

If you live in the city or work in the city, free parking is something you want. Especially if it is more convenient to take the metro/train/bus into work, you want a free place to park you car.

Access to metro/train/bus:

Location is everything. If you intend to take the metro/train/bus to save money on gas, being close to one helps. The closer your apartment, the less money you have to spend on gas, parking, etc.


Some apartments provide free shuttles to the metro/train/bus stop and even to the airport. This is a great amenity to have especially if you don't live right near where you want to be. This is also great when the weather is really bad.

Playground/Sports courts/pool:

Having access to the park or playground is a great way to save money on activities for the kids. You don't have to spend money driving to a location to entertain kids. Also, sports courts help save money as well. Kids don't have to sign up for sports centers to play when they have access to these thing in the comfort of their own complex. These include basket ball courts, tennis courts, swimming pool, volley ball court, etc. For those trying to save money on the gym membership, combine an outdoor sport with your workout routine.

Walking trails:

You never have to leave your area to go on a walk through a trail or even a hike if it is provided for you. The apartment we are currently in has a beautiful trail that has a bridge that goes over a river. It is awesome to walk through because although it is parallel to the highway, all you can hear is the water. It is peaceful. Sometimes you see deer out there roaming for wild raspberries.

Grocery stores:

Having grocery stores and other stores walking distance is great to. If you need anything you can get your exercise for the day while going to the store. All three apartments that we lived in had a grocery store walking distance. When I didn't have a car, this was awesome. Also, whenever I needed something from the store. The current apartment has a grocery store right in the building. This is amazing, because although it doesn't have everything, it is so covenient to just go downstairs and get what you want. There has been times I started cooking something and realized I was missing something cruital for the meal. I would just run downstairs get it, and then continue my meal. The result is a 5 min delay in mealtime instead of a lot longer.


There are some apartments that have a salon in the building. This isn't something that you couldn't live without, but it does save you travel time. Also, you don't feel bad going to salon in your pj's.

party room:

Our building doesn't have one of these, but our friend's building does. During the debates we would reserve the room and watch it down there. It is usually free for the residents or there is a small fee that is returned to you once room is returned clean. We have utilized this many times for random events. If you have a lot of gatherings this is something to consider looking for in an apartment building.

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