Thursday, June 25, 2009

Button Designs

You know all the buttons you get with new clothing that you have been saving? Well, I have another idea for you.

Take a plain shirt, maybe one that you want to add some style to. Create a design with your buttons. Once you have your design figured out, start sewing the buttons one. All you need to do is with a thread, go around each button a few times to hold it in place tie the back so it doesn't come loose and continue to the next button. You can cut the thread after you tie it at the end of each button or go on to sew the next button with the same thread.

You can decorate the shirt by colors of buttons. The sky is the limit on how your design turns out. You decorate it along the sides or around the top, or add a big design in the center.

This idea is inspired by my friends shirt that is absolutely adorable that she purchased.

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