Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yesterday I posted how pictures of a bouquet I made. Just as a reminder here is the picture:

I wanted to share how easy it is to make your own bouquet.

Step 1: Decided on the flowers and ribbon you want to use in your bouquet. I used Cala lilies and I forget what the green long leaves were called.

Step 2: Soak flowers in water with plant food until ready to use. (You do cut off a little of the bottom so it soaks in the plant food and water)

Step 3: Cut down the flowers to the height of your choice. I wanted the flower to hang past the part the bride holds.

Step 4: Arrange the flowers the way you want them to look.

Step 5: Secure the flowers in place. I used rubber bands to hold the flowers in place until I went around it with floral tape. You can skip this step if you choose to.

Step 6: Floral tape the area you want to put the ribbon around.

Step 7: Start wrapping your ribbon the design pattern of choice. ( I used non-wired fabric ribbon, however you can use wired ribbon if you prefer.) I did a simple tight spiral pattern.

Step 8: Secure the ribbon with floral pins/ straight pins. I used white pearl pins to go with the theme. I decided to do a straight line down of white pearls. (When you put the pins in, make they go upwards in a way that won't poke the bride when she holds the flowers.

Step 9: Spray the flowers with hair spray so they won't wilt before the pictures. Our flowers suffered a little but in my defense we had an 8 hour drive with those flowers

It may seem like a lot of work, but it really isn't.


Julie @ Frugal and Fabulous Design said...

You make it sound so easy!

Thanks for linking up to Fab Friday -


Carla said...

Yes you do make it sound so easy! It's beautiful and I'll stash this away for the future.

Amoora said...

It really is easy. This was my first time making a bouquet. Thanks for stopping by ladies!

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