Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A great way to get good deals on your hotel accommodations is through www.priceline.com
They have this name your own price option where you can choose the area you want the hotel to be and the price you to pay. You can select the area based on the area map provided, landmarks or streets addresses. Also, you can choose how many stars you want your hotel to be. If a hotel accepts your price you, then you are all set. I have never paid more then $50 for a hotel. My stays are usually at nice hotels like 4 points, Marriott, etc... I have never had this happen, but if you choose a price that is too low, you will be informed that no one accepted your price.

Things you need to know:
You have to give your credit card information. If they accept your price you are in a binding contract and will be charged for the days/rooms you requested. There is an insurance that you can pay extra for in case you have to change the dates or cancel in the future. If you add days later, you may not guarantee the same place.

To start naming you own price for your next vacation go here!

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