Monday, June 21, 2010


About a year ago I decided I there were 2 things I would never pay for again. The two things are shampoo/conditioners and deodorant. I am going to tell you how I have managed to not pay for shampoo for this long.

1. There are many sites that offer free samples. I always sign up for free samples. The samples sizes are great for traveling or using the guest bathroom.

2. Look for "try me free" tags. Over the past year I have purchased tons of bottles that say try me free. You send the rebate for a full refund and walk out with an expensive bottle of shampoo. Most will send you checks for the cost however some do send gift cards. I have a gift card that I use when purchasing shampoos with rebates so it doesn't come out of my monthly shopping expenses.

3. Sign up when sites off free bottles of shampoo. Last year I received a full size bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner from Aveeno. I don't remember the site but I was happy to receive the shampoo.

4. Instant rebates or whatever you call them at CVS. Sometimes CVS will sell a shampoo for $4.00. It will give you cvs bucks back for $4.00, making the item free. If you were going to buy advil for example, you could use the $4.00 from the shampoo on the advil, making the shampoo technically free.

Although this doesn't seem like it will save you money, I have managed to avoid buying shampoo for over a year and I am so happy. Some brands of free shampoo I've received. Pantene, Organix, Renpure organic, Axe shampoo and body wash (all in one), vitamin shampoo, sunsilk, aveeno, giovanni, etc...

Happy Savings!

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