Monday, June 7, 2010

Wet Seal Deals

On Thursday a friend and I went to the mall. She wanted to check out wet seal, a store I normally walk in but don't look at anything. I don't know why, but I always had in my head that nothing fits me. Maybe because of a previous experience, who knows?! As she is looking around arms filled with stuff she wants to try on, I decided to snoop around the clearance section, my favorite section. I see a bunch of boots that are marked down to $3.00! Wow, I was shocked! I found my size, but only in one for the 4 types of boots on clearance, try them on and decide to get them. I also find these cute bangles marked down to $0.50.

Then I walk around the other side of the clearance rack and where there was a million pairs of jeans marked down to $5.00. I'm not sure why but I figured I would just look to see if something comes in my size. To my suprise they had a few styles in my size. I build up the courage to try on the jeans, they fit perfectly. Walked out of a store that I would never enter alone with 2 pairs of a jeans, boots and bangles. Here is a pic:

So here is the numbers:

The boots paid: $3.00 was: $39.50
The jeans(2) paid: $5.00 each was: $24.50 each
The bangles paid: $0.50 was: $7.50

Total oop: $14.18 Total before savings $96.00
Savings $81.82

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