Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Which is better, wholesale or retail?

I have been shopping a lot, and trying to find deals for a group of orphans we are trying to get ready for school. My father told me he would take me to get some items whole sale. Normally, my guess would be wholesale is cheaper, but today I proved that theory wrong. The boys need boxers and socks, aside from many other things. I went to a wholesale place today. The boxers did turn out cheaper at $12.00 a dozen. At walmart the cheapest boxers were 3 for $5.00. Now at walmart you could decide to go with boxer briefs and get 9 pairs for $5.00 make it cheaper to buy at walmart, but if boxers are what you want, then it is cheaper to go wholesale/ buy bulk.

Now the socks. One wholesale place was selling the socks for $3.95 a dozen, which I thought was amazing. It is the cheapest, but the problem was they didn't have all the sizes I needed. I went to another wholesale place and found the socks for $6.00 a dozen. Now that doesn't sound too bad, $0.50 a piece. I went to walmart later and I found that I could get 10 pairs for $4.00 make it once again cheaper to go to walmart for the children. It was cheaper to go to a wholesale place to get the socks for adults. Now the socks I got are nice socks, champion brand. If we were looking at the brand, then wholesale is the place to go, because I couldn't get that brand for that cheap.

Basically, if looking at deals, couponing and shopping frugal is how you do things, wholesale really isn't neccesary to get the best deal. Keep in mind, that I went to wholesale places in a big city, making their overhead cost a lot higher then some of the other wholesale places. This just means I may have paid more due to to them having to charge more to stay in business.

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