Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Rite aid has this awesome rebate plan that I would like to share with you. Every weekend there are a few items that are advertised for free after rebates. Also there are items that are just a lot cheaper with the rebate. The rebates are not your normal rebates. You don't have to fill out a form, put it in an envelope and waste a stamp. It is a lot simpler.

At the end of every month, (you have a whole month) go on the website and put all the items you purchased on your account to submit for a rebate check. It is great because it just uses your receipt number to locate your purchase. Once you have all your receipts showing you submit your request for a single rebate check. The best part is you get one check with the monthly total without mailing supplies for every request.

You do have to submit all the receipts at once. You can add receipts as you get them, but not submit the request. Let me explain this. From March 1-31 you can submit all the rebates from Feb 1-28. You can only submit one time so you need make sure you have all the receipts attached to the online request before submitting that request. Once you have submitted you are no longer allowed to submit a request for Feb.

Once you get online to submit your first rebate you will see what I mean. However if you need me to clarify how this works, please comment on this post or contact me privately and I will be glad to help.

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