Sunday, July 26, 2009

my cell phone insurance

Normally I am not a big fan of paying for cell phone insurance but this time it has been a life saver. I have a bad habit of dropping my phone. I have always purchased tough looking flip phones just because I know I am going to keep dropping it, and most of my phones have lasted for years. This year my husband thought it would be nice to get me the palm pre. I absolutely love the palm pre, just one problem. Every time I drop it something super bad happens to the phone. Now I have been extremely careful with this phone because I know it can't handle the abuse I would normally put a phone through. The first time I dropped the phone, the slidder messed up. I also cracked the top of the screen. When I took it to the store, they said they would replace it for me, because of my lovely insurance. When I got it back, the speaker and mic no longer worked :-(. I got the phone replaced. The new phone I have gave me issues with the speaker, I couldn't use the loud speaker so while talking on the phone one day I decided I would juggle the phone on my shoulder while holding a lot of stuff, the phone took a nice dive to the concrete floor. Once again cracked the screen a little. Also, it messed up the phone, it won't hold a charge, however I could talk on speaker after the fall, something I couldn't do before. I went back to the store, again they said I would fix it. I bought the insurance for incase i drop it, it gets stolen, or any other issues that may happen that just aren't normal wear and tear. They tried to sell me an insurance for normal wear and tear. For anyone considering that, don't! Your phones come with a 1 year manufactor warrenty for normal wear and tear. Most phone companies let you get the insurance later on in life, like after the year if you choose to. But no need to pay a few bucks a month for something that is already covered. Anyways, that is my two cents for the day. Anyone have any good/bad experience with your phones/phone insurance/ cell phone companies?

take care!

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