Wednesday, July 15, 2009

decluttering my home

So I know I haven't much frugal deals to share with you guys. I have been extremely busy trying to adjust to being jobless. It seems like life is more busy now that I have more time to fill with stuff to do. I honestly thought I would have more time for frugal shopping, and unfortunately, maybe fortunately, I haven't been doing any shopping except for what I need per meal. I have been however going through my apartment trying to get rid of stuff I don't need. (haha most of the items being free things I have collected through the past 3 years of marriage) I am glad to be getting rid of a lot of stuff since our apartment is starting to look cluttered, and I really don't like the cluttered look. I will be freecycling or giving away all the items I no longer want. Thus far I have taken out 20ish books from on top of the bookcase to get rid of. These are antique books, I love the look of antique books in a home. I have used all the ones I want and these just sat there. Now they will go to a home who can use them/ or read them since I never will. Also, a candle chandlier set, plastic curtain rings, and magazines have been removed from my cluttered apartment. I will continue to update you on my mission to decluttering.

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