Sunday, May 10, 2009


I was on mylot and aconite, who is also a follower of this blog posted a discussion on starting a tradition at home. She talked about how her husband and her drink hot chocolate together every night when he gets home from work. It made me think. My husband and I are always looking for something to do together. We did for a while drink tea together at night daily, because my husband is addicted to tea. Then it just kind of died down.
Hot chocolate every night is another great idea for this tradition. You can drink whatever you want. (Coffee, tea, Hot chocolate, smoothies, etc) But use that time together as a time to bond between you and your husband. Talk about your day, your goals, future plans, how your marriage is going, watch the news together, etc) This time servers great for bonding.

After reading aconites discussion I started doing something with my husband. We rotate the drink, but daily get together and talk. It is amazing how sitting down for a few minutes everynight together can bring you closer to your spouse. Also, I realized how little I knew about my husband because we really weren't talking.

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