Friday, May 15, 2009


I am a big fan of watching lifetime. Every night at 9:00 pm there is a movie that comes on. On the weekends the movies go on throughout the whole day. Of course you don't necessarily have to watch lifetime. Any movie channel will do.

Decide on a movie to watch. When it comes on, have all the snacks you want ready and start watching when the movie starts. There are quite a few breaks that happen during the movie. Use that time as a restroom break, refills on drinks, get up and stretch, etc. You never really need to interrupt the movie. If you have tivo/Comcast DVR, you can record the movie and watch it later and skip through the commercials. Or you can watch the movie at your own time, pausing it whenever you want.

Who said cable can't be great entertainment for the whole family?

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