Monday, May 18, 2009


I always have been in a situation where I have had tons and tons of pens and pencils that I have never needed to purchase them. If a person really wanted to, they never would need to purchase another writing utensil again. Almost everywhere you go, they give away free pens. The bank, real estate companies, any educational institute, some retail stores. Giving away free pens/pencils is a way for the company to adverstise. By giving away a pen/pencil, there is a chance when you see the pen you will remember them and go back to them. But why spend money on all kinds of writing utensils when you can get it for free? You can get free highlighters, crayons, markers, etc. Best of all, when someone asks you to borrow a pen, you don't have to worry about never getting it back, because you didn't pay for it. Colleges are awesome about provide students with so many pens/pencils to get them through there time there.

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