Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dollar store Deals

I was online checking out other blogs, and I remembered the 99 cent store cookstore. I checkout some of the recipes and figured hm... let me check out the dollar store. I thought I would be brave enough to buy unknown name brands, but I really wasn't. I did however find some good deals that I figured I would share. In the food section I found Betty Crocker tuna helper for $1.00. When on sale, the cheapest I found the Betty Crocker tuna helper was for $2.00. So I paid half for the same thing. I bought 3 and saved $3.00. Also, I found Betty Crocker mashed potatoes. Again another item I find at it's cheapest for $2.00 a box. I bought two. They only had two of the four flavors the grocery store had but still, it is only a dollar. I bought two of the butter and herb mashed potatoes, saving another 2 bucks. While looking at the food options, I was feeling sloppy joes for dinner. I found the Del monte sloppy joe sauce for a $1.00. I haven't been able to find it cheaper then that at the grocery store. Also, they had tons of Del monte fruits some were 2 for a $1.00. The sale price for these at the grocery store is $1.00 each.

I paid $7ish instead of $14, half :-D

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