Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CVS Deals

So yesterday I decided to check out CVS. They had all summer clearance for 75% off.

I got 2 tote bags for $3.75 each, originally $14.99
One is green and blue with butterflies on it.
The other is pinks and purples, with flowers and came with a wallet.

Also, I got a bag of mixed plastic-ware for $0.50 originally $1.99
and a table cloth also for $0.50 originally $1.99
I got some luau decorations before and didn't get these two items.
So the lime green plastic-ware and table cloth matches perfectly.

So I got $34 dollars worth $8.99
I had a gift card for $3.49
so my out of pocket expense was $5.50

They had other cool things like water guns, bubbles, party stuff, etc. Be sure to check your local CVS for great deals like these.

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