Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grocery shopping

In attempts to get back on the savings wagon, I have switched my grocery store to shop rite instead of Giant. Besides the larger selection, prices are so much better. I used to have a goal which was achieved prior to pregnancy of $50 a week. When cravings hit, my budget was never kept and here we are today. Also, sending your husband to the grocery store when you need something always equals OVERSPENDING. I am going to try to stay within my budget. Now just as a fyi, I don't usually go looking for coupons, nor do I have a printer. I would like to see how a family of 3 can stay at around $50 a week. Eventually I will implement the couponing but for now lets see how well we do..

Here is what I spent on 2/12 for groceries. I don't have all the extra recipts for my husbands trips but at least it is a starting point for me.

Shopping total: $46.41
On sale savings: $11.00
Manufactor Coupon: $ 0.78
Store Coupon: $ 0.47
Total Savings $12.25

Just to let you know the coupons where actually receieved when I swiped my shoprite savings card. I didn't have any coupons on hand. I really like shop rite because every ad has coupons, so that will help in the future. The only left is my reusable bag savings, this shopping trip I received $0.15.

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