Thursday, August 11, 2011

curtain deals!

Along with the many renovations we have to do in our new house, there is 1 thing that must be purchased before we move in. Curtains! In my search for curtains I realized how costly curtains can get. Lucky for me I know where the deals are. My fav place, JCP had tons of curtains on clearance for ............... $4.97 a panel. What a steal!!! I have 10 areas to cover with curtains some single windows, some are double and 2 areas with 3 large windows.

For 30 items,
Total cost before savings: $1170.05
I paid $160.17
Total savings: $1009.88

What a deal! Next up, curatin rods!!

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The Coupon Junkie said...

thats great!!! i hate buying curtains!!! and i love how they just give you one panel half the time for $29.99 -- how generous! We have a JCP Outlet by us and if you hit it right you can get good curtains, but alot of the time they are mixed up or missing panels. You did wicked good tho!!!

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