Thursday, February 3, 2011

Free e-book: The Halo Method (weight loss)

Free e-book: The Halo Method (weight loss)
Found this and thought some of you might want it too.

"FREE e-Book Offer

Congratulations!!! You have qualified for a FREE copy of “The HALO Method”

All we ask is that you give us your comments about the book for our future advertising. Simply enter your name and e-mail in the form below and you will receive your copy of The Halo Method instantly:

The HALO Method is a revolutionary approach to life that flips off the compulsion switch in your psyche, freeing you from the destructive habits that keep you from being content.

The HALO Method liberates you from the downward spiral of yo-yo goal-setting and then quitting and feeling guilty.

I discovered the HALO Method and lost 110 POUNDS, without dieting, rigorous gym routines, pills or surgery. But the weight loss was FAR LESS significant than the changes in other parts of my life, like my contentment, my spiritual connection and my basic feeling of “Energetic Alignment”.

Just follow my instructions and watch your life change before your eyes (and watch the excess weight melt away if you want to lose weight)."

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